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Delhi L-G Gives Nod To Transplantation Of 134 Trees To Pave Way For Construction Of Central Training Institute

05:21 PM Jan 29, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
delhi l g gives nod to transplantation of 134 trees to pave way for construction of central training institute
Delhi L-G Gives Nod To Transplantation Of 134 Trees To Pave Way For Construction Of Central Training Institute

New Delhi [India]: Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena on Monday granted permission for transplantation or translocation of 134 trees to pave the way for construction of the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM), involving 1,7578 hectare of area at old JNU campus in the national capital.

Compensatory plantation of 1340 trees, in addition to transplantation and translocation of these trees, at a cost of Rs 76,38,000 will be carried out, as per a statement issued by the L-G office on Monday.

The Department of Forest and Wild Life informed the LG that 132 out of 134 trees of native species will be transplanted at Mehrauli, and 2 trees of exotic species are proposed to be compensated for, it said.

A joint inspection of the project site was carried out by the officials of the Forest Department with concerned officials of the ISTM, the department said, adding that the Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF), South, inspected the land and found it suitable for transplantation.

The LG Office further added, ‘The compensatory plantation in a ratio of 1:10 in lieu of transplantation or felling of trees, totaling 1340 saplings, would be carried out at Eco Park, NTPC, Badarpur, New Delhi, by ISTM in an area of 1.40 hectares, involving various species such as Neem, Amaltas, Peepal, Pilkhan, Gular, Bargad, Desi Kikar, and Arjun, along with other native species. The compensatory plantation cost of Rs 76,38,000 will be deposited in advance by the ISTM.’

The LG’s permission for transplantation or felling of trees was sought under the provisions of the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act (DPTA), 1994. Section 9(3) of the Act empowers the Tree Officer to take a decision with regard to permission for the felling or transplantation of trees, the LG Office said.

Further, Section 29 empowers the government to exempt, in the public interest, any area or any species of tree from all or any of the provisions of this Act, the statement added.

‘As the instant project covers an area of more than 1 hectare (1.7578 hectare in this project), the department has solicited an exemption from the government for the proposal, which was approved by the Environment Minister and the Chief Minister before being sent to the LG, who is the competent authority,’ it added.

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