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"Criminalisation Of Politics Is A Major Obstacle To Development," Says UP CM Yogi

05:16 PM Apr 13, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 criminalisation of politics is a major obstacle to development   says up cm yogi
"Criminalisation Of Politics Is A Major Obstacle To Development," Says UP CM Yogi

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday emphasised that the criminalisation of politics and the protection of mafia-like elements are major obstacles to development.

Addressing a public meeting in favour of BJP candidate from Moradabad Lok Sabha constituency Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, Yogi recounted the tragic 1980 Moradabad riot, where numerous lives were lost. He noted that details of this incident remained suppressed until 2017 when the investigation exposed the individuals behind the violence.

Yogi went on to say, "Innocent traders, Hindus, and Sikhs were killed as a result of the violence, and no one was held accountable." There was an anti-Sikh riot in Saharanpur in 2016, but the rioters are now hiding and begging for their lives. BJP has given a model of development and good governance. Today there is no curfew, no riot in UP, everything is fine here. Curfew has been replaced by Kanwar Yatra."

Urging voters of Moradabad to give PM Modi a third term, the Chief Minister pointed out that neither development nor welfare for the poor were priorities for Congress, SP, and BSP.

"They seemed to think it was their right to manipulate public faith. By aligning with criminals and mafia elements, they compromised the safety of the public, particularly women and businessmen. The BJP government stands by its promises and actions. Now, the mafia and criminals either languish in jail or rot in hell (Mafia-apradhi ya toh jail mein hain ya jehannum mein)."

He continued, asserting that no one dares to threaten women or businessmen anymore, understanding the repercussions. "Only the BJP can ensure such security. Those who used to bow down to the mafia cannot offer this level of protection. The once-celebrated mafia bosses are now looked down upon. Their circumstances have changed so drastically that, it's said, they'd rather sell vegetables than encroach on others' land."

CM Yogi emphasised that every individual in Moradabad, whether a farmer, youth, woman, or businessman, is secure because a government prioritising their welfare is in power in Delhi and Lucknow. He highlighted the consequences of decisions, stating, "Good decisions yield positive outcomes, while bad ones have repercussions.

Some politicians used to refrain from saying 'Bharat Maa ki Jai' and avoided actions that might appease the Hindu community. However, it's imperative to prevent anyone from tampering with India's faith."

Highlighting the improvements since 2014, Yogi mentioned that previously, many impoverished people in the country faced starvation. He added, "Now, 80 crore underprivileged individuals receive ration support. Earlier, a single illness could devastate a family financially. In UP, we have made arrangements that if someone who does not have an Ayushman card, an MP, MLA, or even a common man writes a letter, money is sent directly to his account. Our goal is to ensure no one is denied healthcare due to financial constraints."

"In the country, 10 crore people have received free cooking gas cylinders. In Uttar Pradesh, to ensure that festivals like Holi and Diwali are celebrated joyfully, we've decided to provide an additional free cylinder to households," said the CM.

The Chief Minister noted the establishment of a medical college in Moradabad, expressing pleasure at the city's growing involvement in developmental initiatives.

"A world-class university is set to be established here, providing employment opportunities for the youth. Additionally, a medical college named after Maharaja Vidur is under construction in Bijnor. When you step into the tiger's territory, you must emulate the tiger's spirit. Furthermore, plans are underway to develop a top-notch eco-tourism centre in Amangarh."

CM Yogi said that on this day, Guru Gobind Singh had established the Khalsa Panth in 1699. "Four Sahibzades of Guru Gobind Singh were sacrificed, but he said nothing. Even then, he continued to fight for the protection of the country and religion and continued to answer the heretics and invaders. The work of revitalization of the Kartarpur Corridor associated with the memories of Guru Nanak was done under the leadership of PM Modi. BJP will provide prosperity along with security."

On this occasion, BJP candidate from Moradabad Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, MLA Kunwar Sushant Singh, Moradabad Mayor Vinod Aggarwal, MLC Jaipal Singh Busy, Dr Hari Singh Dhillon, and Bijnor BJP District President Bhupendra Chauhan, among others were present.

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