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Clash Between Security Forces And Naxalites In Chhattisgarh

04:13 PM Mar 17, 2023 IST | appteam
clash between security forces and naxalites in chhattisgarh

Narayanpur (Chhattisgarh): An exchange of fire between security forces of Sonpur, Kurusnar and Basingh Police station of Narayanpur district and Naxalites took place on Friday morning during a search operation in a jungle near village Orchapara.

No injury to security forces has been reported but the Naxalites managed to flee during the encounter with security forces. The search operation started on Friday after Naxalites during the night of March 16 set solar panels on fire at an under construction mobile tower near Murhadpur village.


After the clash with Naxalites, ITBP forces and security forces from Sonpur, Kurusnar and Basingh Police stations are searching the nearby areas.

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