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Chief Election Commissioner Reviews Poll Preparations In UP

07:40 AM Mar 03, 2024 IST | appteam
chief election commissioner reviews poll preparations in up
Chief Election Commissioner Reviews Poll Preparations In UP

Lucknow : Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar reviewed the preparations in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

After reviewing the preparedness for the forthcoming polls, Rajiv Kumar, addressed a press conference, where he said, that strict instructions have been given to the election officials to increase the voting percentage in Uttar Pradesh.

"We have been reviewing here for three days, UP is the largest state in the state. Our endeavour is to provide the best election experience and be fair. All political parties should be given equal status so that there is no discrimination," Rajiv Kumar said.

He said that transparent elections will be ensured in the entire country, including Uttar Pradesh. He also said that the election schedule will be announced soon.

"Seven political parties came to meet us here, including state and regional parties. The demand of those political parties was that there should be fair elections and a level playing field. And all officers and police should be ordered to conduct fair elections," he said.

He said that officers and police have been instructed to work impartially. All election expenses will be paid by cheque or through digital transactions. The Chief Election Commissioner said that there was apprehension among political parties regarding EVMs. All parties have demanded that the movement of EVMs be done in government vehicles only, he said.

The Chief Election Commissioner said that this time there are 15.29 crore voters in UP. Some booths in the state will be made for women and disabled people. People over 85 years of age will have the facility to cast their vote from home. Along with this, separate booths will be made in multi-storey buildings.

The Chief Election Commissioner said that this time, three apps are being launched. Through an app, voters can directly complain to the Election Commission about inducements, distribution of liquor and misuse of money during elections. Voter Helpline is another application from which voters can get information. Through the Know Your Candidate application, the voter will be able to get all the information about the candidates.

He said that 30 districts of Uttar Pradesh share borders with nine states. Seven districts share a border with neighbouring Nepal. All the security agencies will work here on the border. He said that the RBI has been told that cash vans from banks will not operate after 5 pm. He said that the responsibility of conducting fair elections will be that of the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police.

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