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Centre Is Not Treating It At Par With Other Parties: AAP To Delhi HC

05:24 PM May 15, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
centre is not treating it at par with other parties  aap to delhi hc
Centre Is Not Treating It At Par With Other Parties: AAP To Delhi HC

New Delhi [India]: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked the Central Government to file a reply on the petition of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seeking allotment of land for their office on temporary basis.

AAP said that the Central Government is not treating it at par with other parties who have been allotted land on DDU Marg, Central Delhi.

The court said, "Their (AAP) arguments are that you (the centre) are not treating them at par with others. You are throwing them to a distant place."

As per an undertaking given in the Supreme Court, AAP has to vacate its present office at DDU Marg by June 15 which was earmarked for family courts.

Justice Subramonium Prasad asked the Central Government to file a reply and fixed the matter for hearing on May 20 at the top of the board.

The High Court is dealing with two petitions moved by the AAP seeking temporary allotment or permanent allotment for their office in Central Delhi.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Kirtimaan Singh, Counsel for the Central Government, submitted that the Central Government doesn't have any land vacant at DDU Marg.
Central Government counsel also submitted that in 2024, the party was allotted land in Saket, but they didn't accept it. Before 2023, when it became a national party, the party never asked for land in Central Delhi.

In June 2023, they (AAP) said that there was some land available on DDU Marg. In 2023, we offered them land for permanent allotment. After inspection, we find there is no land available at DDU Marg, Central Government counsel said. In 2024, we offer them two plots in Saket, he added.

Senior advocate Sudhir Nandrajog made the suggestion that two plots that are in the possession of the AAP Minister can be given to the party for their office. Minister is ready to surrender it if it's is given to the party. The Court asked, "Can they use the plot for the purpose of their office?"

The plots were not allotted to them. They occupied them. They are in possession, Kirtimaan Singh said. First, they will have to hand it over, and they will consider it. They had an office in Kaushambi, he added.

Senior advocate Nandrajog said that it was a strong attempt to misguide the court.
"Is there a waiting list of national political parties?" the court asked. Are there houses earmarked for political parties?" the court added.

Senior advocate Nandrajog questioned, "Can we construct a building by June 15 if a land allotted to us?

During the hearing yesterday, the Court asked if the plots in the possession of the Delhi Minister could be given to the party for their office on a temporary basis, subject to the outcome of the petitions.

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