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Brain Dead Patient Gives Life To 8 Persons

02:07 PM Nov 28, 2022 IST | appteam
brain dead patient gives life to 8 persons

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): A 25-year-old youth of the city, Anmol Jain, who was declared brain dead, has given a new life to eight persons by donating his organs.

‘Anmol met with an accident on November 17 and sustained severe injuries in the head. As a result of which, he was declared brain dead. The family members of Anmol have decided to donate his organs and it will give a new life to eight people in Bhopal, Indore and Ahmedabad,’ said Subodh Basnik, Medical Director of Siddhanta Hospital in Bhopal. ‘I would like to appreciate the decision of kin that they decide to donate the organ. He is a young patient, his organs are in very good condition. Anmol’s eyes have been sent to Medical College Bhopal, one kidney has been sent to Chirayu hospital and another kidney is being kept in Siddhanta hospital itself. Anmols’s heart has been sent to CIMS hospital, Ahmedabad and Liver at Choithram hospital, Indore,’ the doctor added.

Anmol’s elder brother Aditya Jain said, ‘It was Anmol’s desire that his organs should be donated. He was helping the people so much when he was alive then why not when he is leaving. Besides, it will be a good message for the society that we should look towards a new direction and promote such activity. We are proud that people get a new life because of our Anmol.’

Notably, three green corridors were set up in the city for the timely transfer of the organs from the Siddhanta hospital. One green corridor was set up to Chirayu hospital, Bhopal and one corridor to Indore. On the other hand, one route was made for Bhopal airport to send the organ to Ahmedabad. 

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