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Brain-Dead Auto-Rickshaw Driver Brings New Hope To Multiple Lives; Donates Organs

08:15 PM Aug 30, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
brain dead auto rickshaw driver brings new hope to multiple lives  donates organs
Brain-Dead Auto-Rickshaw Driver Brings New Hope To Multiple Lives; Donates Organs

New Delhi [India]: In a powerful testament to the spirit of compassion and altruism, the family of Suresh, a 48-year-old rickshaw driver hailing from Okhla Phase 2, Delhi, has made the courageous decision to donate his organs after he was declared brain dead. This noble act has the potential to save multiple lives.

Suresh was found unresponsive on the road on August 23, 2023, at 8:30 pm. Swiftly brought to the emergency department of JPNATC, AIIMS at 9 pm. He led a family life with his wife and two daughters while working as a dedicated rickshaw driver.

His wife and daughter received the news of his brain death; they were shocked and grieved by the unexpected turn of events. Standing as pillars of strength, his brother-in-law, who serves as a security guard, and his supportive sister-in-law offered unwavering emotional support during this challenging time.

The concept of brain death and organ donation was explained to the family by ORBO counsellors, allowing them the necessary time to discuss and deliberate upon this crucial decision.

After heartfelt conversations and a deep understanding of the impact their choice could have on others, the family united in agreement to honour Suresh’s legacy through organ donation.

Dr Aarti Vij, Prof In-charge, Organ Retrieval Banking Organization (ORBO), AIIMS, expressed her admiration for the family’s selfless decision. ‘Suresh’s family’s choice to donate organs in the face of personal tragedy exemplifies the incredible potential for humanity that resides within each of us. This act of charity and love has the power to heal not only the recipients but also the grieving hearts of the donor’s family.’

The seamless coordination of the brain death certification, donor organ management, and compassionate counselling for consent and subsequent retrievals was efficiently coordinated by a united front of dedicated professionals.

This exceptional team consisted of Neurosurgeons, Intensivists, Anesthetists, ORBO Transplant Coordinators, Lab technicians, Microbiologists, Radiologists, the Organ Transplant Team, Hospital administration, the Forensic department, the Police, Nurse Transplant coordinators and paramedics.

Additionally, the proficient transplant doctors and their support staff played an integral role in this process. Together, their combined expertise ensured that every facet of this critical procedure was executed with precision and care, reflecting a true embodiment of collaboration and commitment.

The retrieved organs, including the heart, kidneys, and corneas, were allocated to recipients through the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) network, ensuring that these life-saving gifts find their way to those in urgent need. His heart was allocated to AIIMS Hospital, Delhi. The kidneys were allocated to two hospitals AIIMS Delhi and AHRR Hospital. His corneas have been banked at the National Eye Bank at AIIMS.

The story of Suresh’s family reflects the boundless impact of organ donation, proving that a compassionate heart knows no bounds.

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