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BJP Files Complaint Against TMC Leader For "Making Derogatory Remarks About PM Modi"

04:36 PM Apr 01, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
bjp files complaint against tmc leader for  making derogatory remarks about pm modi
BJP Files Complaint Against TMC Leader For "Making Derogatory Remarks About PM Modi"

New Delhi [India]: The Bharatiya Janata Party filed a complaint with the Chief Election Commissioner on Monday against Trinamool Congress leader Piyush Panda for making derogatory remarks about the Prime Minister.

In its complaint, the BJP alleged that the remarks by the TMC leader were serious violations of provisions of the Indian Penal Code, Representation of People Act, 1951 and Model Code of Conduct.

"Calling a Prime Minister of the country 'Madman' and 'Fraud" is most unbecoming of any leader and is a symptom of plummeting levels of political discourse. The derogatory statement not only amounts to vicious abuse and personal attack but also a character assassination and defamatory with a clear intent to harm his reputation and mislead the public," the BJP said in its complaint.

"The TMC leader Piyush Panda has taken objectionable recourse to demean the OBC community. He has made a public statement that polishing shoes is a befitting job for the members of the OBC community. Since he made this unacceptable statement in a public rally, thus, it cannot be construed as an isolated incident. The TMC has given instructions to its leaders to unleash highly derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the OBC community," it said.

The BJP has also alleged that the TMC leader has committed an unpardonable act by bringing religion into the elections.

"He claimed in the video that only Brahmins have the right to inaugurate the Ram Mandir and the Teli community is just meant to do meagre jobs of polishing shoes. Considering the religious and casteist remarks and comments, it appears that these statements have been made with the primary intention of garnering votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections by vowing the particular community to create a divide among them," the complaint said.

Further, the BJP requested the Election Commission to order the post to be removed from all social media platforms.

"To direct lodging of an FIR against Piyush Panda, pass prohibitory orders against him and ban him from campaigning for the rest of the period," it said.

Earlier, the All India Trinamool Congress filed a complaint to the Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP's Krishnanagar candidate Amrita Roy over their telephone conversation on March 27.

In its complaint, TMC has alleged that the statements made by both leaders are violations of the Model Code of Conduct.

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