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Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Iran Ahead Of Iranian Jerusalem Day

03:05 PM Apr 05, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
benjamin netanyahu warns iran ahead of iranian jerusalem day
Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran ahead of Iranian Jerusalem Day

Tel Aviv [Israel] : Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding a special meeting of the political-security cabinet Thursday evening in Jerusalem in light of heightened tensions due to the Iranian Jerusalem Day that will be observed this Friday, April 5. Iran is expected to order an attack of some sort against Israel, especially after a number of senior Iranian commanders were killed in a strike on Damascus this week.

"For years, Iran has been working against us both directly and through its emissaries, and therefore Israel has been working against Iran and its emissaries, both defensively and offensively," said Netanyahu at the start of the meeting.

"We will know how to defend ourselves and we will act according to the simple principle that whoever hurts us or plans to hurt us, we will hurt them."

The Iranian Jerusalem Day takes place every year on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan and is characterized by demonstrations throughout Iran, the Palestinian Authority as well as anti-Israel offensive activity in cyberspace. Every year during this period, attacks are identified, often less sophisticated and of the type that is easier to carry out on a wide scale, such as defacing websites, taking over smart home systems, distributing text messages containing phishing messages, hacking into social networks, infiltrating company databases and information leaks, alongside publications that boast of attacks which did not necessarily occur.

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