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Watch How Capt. Shakul Tyagi Demonstrated Extra-Ordinary Valour During Rescue Operation Of Jharkhand Naxal Attack

03:29 PM May 18, 2022 IST | appteam
watch how capt  shakul tyagi demonstrated extra ordinary valour during rescue operation of jharkhand naxal attack

Capt. Shakul Tyagi demonstrated extra-ordinary valour and led by example during the rescue operation of the Jharkhand Naxal Attack of 2011, which made him the first Commercial Pilot to be bestowed with the prestigious Shaurya Chakra.

In the second episode of the Battlefield Dossier Season 03, watch the story of sheer courage and presence of mind he displayed in an emerging hostile situation that saved many lives and resources. Here’s Capt. Tyagi’s account of the operation narrated by the man himself.

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