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Assailants Came On Bike Wearing Helmets To Salman Khan's House And Opened Fire: Mumbai Police

06:00 PM Apr 14, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
assailants came on bike wearing helmets to salman khan s house and opened fire  mumbai police
Assailants came on bike wearing helmets to Salman Khan's house and opened fire: Mumbai Police

Mumbai: After two unidentified persons opened fire outside the house of superstar Salman Khan in Mumbai's Bandra early on Sunday morning, Mumbai police said that the incident was meticulously planned and the accused were wearing helmets and were riding a bike.

Based on preliminary investigation, the police said that the incident was carried out in a planned manner by the assailants who came to the spot on a bike.

Around three to four teams are currently scanning the CCTV footage of the area and visuals around Salman Khan's house to identify the accused, police said.

Police said that the accused wore helmets to hide their identities.

Efforts are on to find out the route taken by the attackers to reach Salman Khan's house by analysing the CCTV footage of nearby areas, police said.

A senior Mumbai Police officer said that a total of four rounds were fired by the accused and a live cartridge has been recovered from the spot.

The Mumbai Police is investigating from every angle to ascertain the identities of the assailants and from where they came, police said, adding that senior officials of the Mumbai Police along with the Deputy Commissioner of Police have reached the spot.

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