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Asian Track Cycling Championships: Indian Cyclists Add Two Gold, One Silver, One Bronze To Kitty

10:10 AM Feb 24, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
asian track cycling championships  indian cyclists add two gold  one silver  one bronze to kitty
Asian Track Cycling Championships: Indian cyclists add two gold, one silver, one bronze to kitty

New Delhi [India] : The third day of the Asian Track Cycling Championships saw an impressive performance from Indian cyclists across various categories. Held at the cycling track in New Delhi, the event witnessed exceptional displays of skill and determination from the athletes.

In the Junior Women's category, Sarita Kumari showcased her talent by securing the Bronze medal in the Final race with a remarkable timing of 36.966s. Kumari had already displayed her prowess in the qualifying round, clocking in at 36.912s, which secured her a spot in the finals, where she continued to excel.

"It's an incredible feeling to clinch the Bronze medal in the Junior Women's category at the Asian Track Cycling Championships. The journey to this moment has been filled with hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of my coaches and teammates. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent my country on this prestigious stage and am thrilled to have made India proud. This medal is not just mine; it belongs to everyone who has believed in me and supported me along the way. I am determined to continue pushing my limits and striving for excellence in the sport of cycling." said Sarita after winning the commendable Bronze medal.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi demonstrated her strength and determination by setting a new National Record in the Women's Senior Individual Pursuit event. With a remarkable timing of 3:42.515s, she not only broke her own record but also stood out despite finishing 4th in the qualifying round. Although Meenakshi narrowly missed the bronze medal, her performance was commendable, setting a new benchmark for Indian cyclists.

In the Para Track Cycling events, Indian cyclists Arshad Shaikh and Aryavardhan Cheelampalli showcased their skills and determination. Arshad Shaikh clinched the Gold medal in the 1km Time Trial C2 category, clocking an impressive timing of 1:25.753s, securing his second Asian Gold medal. Aryavardhan Cheelampalli secured the Silver medal in the same event with a timing of 1:41.071s, adding to India's medal tally.

Para Women Cyclist Jyoti Gaderiya also added the Gold medal in the 500m Time trial of the C2 category with 52.450s.

Tomorrow 10 final events are lined up where Indian athletes will try to get the top honors. Additionally, the day saw promising performances from Junior women cyclist Bhumika in the Omnium event. After three races, Bhumika was in fourth position, but at the final race of 15km point race, she lost the medal. Bhumika secured a creditable fifth place in the Women Junior Omnium Race with 109 points. Yumi Hyeon of Korea won the medal with 136 points. Malaysia and Uzbekistan secured Silver and Bronze with 128 and 123 points respectively. The Women Junior Omnium race is a combination of 4 races (Scratch 5km, Tempo Race 5km, Elimination and 15km Points Race).

The Indian contingent demonstrated exceptional talent and determination on the third day of the championships, showcasing the country's prowess in the sport of cycling. With several medals secured and promising performances across categories, India looks forward to further success in the remaining days of the competition.

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