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Amit Sadh Unveils Teaser Of His Upcoming Film 'Motorcycle Saved My Life'

02:13 PM Feb 08, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
amit sadh unveils teaser of his upcoming film  motorcycle saved my life
Amit Sadh unveils teaser of his upcoming film 'Motorcycle Saved My Life'

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] : Actor Amit Sadh shared the teaser of his upcoming film 'Motorcycle Saved My Life,' based on his bike trip from Mumbai to Leh.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Amit treated fans with a glimpse of the documentary. The teaser begins with breathtaking views of mountain ranges and then unveils Amit on his bike. The teaser shows the different parts of his journey and the various phases he went through during the bike ride.

Sharing the teaser, he wrote, "Keep your inner sound on, because it's time to chase your soul. India, my heart, my muse. Get ready to see her through my eyes, on two wheels, where the wind sings freedom and the mountains cradle dreams. A sneak peek into my upcoming documentary, where the journey goes beyond roads. Join me on a ride where the destination is the soul."

As soon as the teaser was released, fans and industry members flooded the comments section.
Shilpa Shetty wrote, "Woooooowwww. Bravo."
Abhishek Bachchan commented, "Amazing."
One of the users wrote, "Extremely excited for this. As a budding filmmaker I always want to make travel films or documentary, I am sure after watching this it will give me some ideas and inspiration to make it in future."

He rode for more than 30 days and covered a distance of 5288 kilometers to promote healthy biking habits and spread awareness about biking. The actor also spoke about how motorcycles saved his life during the journey, and his motto for the trip was to spread positivity about biking.

The documentary film covers his month-long journey from Mumbai to Leh. During the journey, he discovered new places, met local people, and enjoyed local food.

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